I take an innovative, business-focussed and straightforward approach to commercial dispute resolution

Disputes and crises are an unfortunate reality in the running of any business but they don't have to be time-consuming and expensive to resolve.

With decades of experience in international mediation and litigation, I have the judgement to provide shrewd, no-nonsense guidance through almost any question raised in the running of a commercial or professional business. Much of my work in dispute resolution, risk analysis and crisis management has been in the global insurance and construction industries, but I have the proven ability to manage almost any commercial dispute or crisis.

I work quickly to build a picture of the landscape of a dispute, the priorities and needs of individuals, businesses, partners, companies and insurers involved. I don’t produce classic management answers, and I'm not always orthodox. I simply try to do whatever it takes to reach a positive, commercially and economically sensible solution for everyone involved. 

"We valued your enthusiasm for unconventional ways of resolving problems"

Why Paul Taylor Consultancy?


I've worked in business dispute resolution for over 40 years, during which I ran a major international legal practice, with partners, associates and offices worldwide. I've successfully handled and resolved claims and disputes all over the world.

Risk appraisal and

As chairman and member of a number of risk management organisations, I've spent a lot of time identifying and evaluating whether risks are real and how to manage them. I take a pragmatic, non-systemised approach to analysing contributory risks to disputes.

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Through decades of experience in dealing successfully with crises I've learned to respond instantly, limit damage, set strategy and work co-operatively not only with clients, but with their advisers, PR agents and the media.